FaZe Clan stun fans with surprise addition of NEO to CS:GO line-up

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  The move never quite produced the course correction that FaZe Clan were looking for, however. Though they picked up titles at the ELEAGUE CS:GO Invitational 2019 and BLAST Pro Series Miami, FaZe have yet to replicate the kind of consistency and peaks of play that defined much of the karrigan era.

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  The official announcement of NEO’s addition describes him as a “substitute”, perhaps implying that he will be standing in on a trial basis before his addition to the team is made permanent, but he is set to join the active line-up immediately.

  NEO’s very first match for FaZe will take place on the same day as his addition, May 13. Not only is he immediately dropping into active play in ECS Season 7, but his debut will be against none other than Virtus.pro themselves, at 5 PM CET.